I’ve tried out a number of OSC apps for iOS with mmi and will be posting some videos of them in action. A couple of interesting ones are Control and Fantastick, both of which allow the OSC host to construct the interface on the iOS device via messages. Indeed with Fantastick, there is no graphical interface other than what is built via messaging.

So here’s a video of using Fantastick with a plucked string, and animating the instrument on the iPad so that the performer can pluck the string by dragging the plectrum on the iPad screen. It is a bit like Garageband instruments on iOS, except here it is a physical model and the variation in the plucking is therefore potentially more dynamic and “realistic”.

About musigui

I work at the University of Southampton, teaching Music Tech and Studio courses, and undertaking research in a number areas of computer applications in Music.
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