Bringing Research to Life Roadshow

I recently joined the University of Southampton Bringing Research Life Roadshow – a roving set of demonstrations and activities bringing the University’s research to public audiences across the Southwest. My first event was at the INTECH Science Centre and Planetarium near Winchester, and demo’d mmi with a Kinect and with FaceOSC (which incidentally works very well with the FaceTime camera in newer MacBook Pro models), as well as some wiimote controlled audio processing demos (“Sound Explorer” – see screenshot below). The kids seemed to have fun playing – “sick” was a comment on the Kinect interface!

equipment setup for INTECH

Iyad with the demos at INTECH

The next event is at the Cheltenham Science Festival this week. The Music Tech demo’s will be there Thursday 14th/Friday 15th June, but the Roadshow is there the whole week. Many thanks to Iyad Assaf for helping me out with the music demos at these events.


btw. INTECH has a Reactable which was great fun to play with in the breaks! (and yes I have mmi working with Reactivision, as shown on the mmi page).

About musigui

I work at the University of Southampton, teaching Music Tech and Studio courses, and undertaking research in a number areas of computer applications in Music.
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